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Keep all your data on the cloud. You'll be able to send and receive emails, sync your own business email to Gmail or Outlook desktop and mobile email

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You can send and receive email using our mail client application to write and read emails.

Ackee Business eMail.

All of the features you need for sending and receiving, using your own custom domain email address, including spam and data protection.

10GB storage Per User.

Email, calendar, contacts, file storage, attach file sharing and file saving folders.

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AckeeHead offers custom domain email addresses including enhanced SSL security protection.

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For individuals $100 sending credits.


per month
with Lifetime free Updates
Or $96 per year

Sent to 10,000 Contacts

Use it from anywhere

All devices except mobile

For individual person only

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For organizations communication.

Standard features included.

Yearly Subscription

Use it from anywhere

For all latest devices

Unlimited users excess

Priority support available

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Available for Smartphones.

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